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Building Breeches: A Comment on Fibre Content

My husband and I will probably go to our graves each believing the other is deeply wrong about the best fabrics for outdoor athletic activities in the hot, humid summers of the American Great Plains.  I’m a die-hard fan of natural fibres and generally gravitate to cotton.  I know it makes me look like a Rorschach… Continue reading Building Breeches: A Comment on Fibre Content

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Building Breeches: Finding Functional Fabrics

I spend a lot of my time in breeches. When they fit poorly enough to make that time uncomfortable, I get cranky.  Uncomfortable Barn Time is unacceptable.  (Well, in reality I’ll accept it if the alternative is No Barn Time but it makes me cranky.) I know the right answer when RTW clothes don’t fit: make… Continue reading Building Breeches: Finding Functional Fabrics

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Let’s Build Bespoke Breeches!

Call me crazy but I have this idea. This idea is that ready-to-wear (RTW) clothes will never fit me. I have good evidence supporting this hypothesis; evidence beyond the entire lived experience of my adult years. I have numbers. You see, I’m very long-waisted and notably square-shouldered. I make routine pattern alterations before any testing… Continue reading Let’s Build Bespoke Breeches!