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Hiya! I’m glad to find you here.

You may find this little corner of the internet to be a strange place but I hope you’ll enjoy a look around.  This blog exists at the point of convergence between horses, history, and haberdashery.  I’m a three-day eventer, an historian, and a sewist who can’t keep my hobbies from bleeding into one another. Content here may range widely but you can be assured it will connect to at least one of these passions.

I revere horses for all that they are and I am grateful for all that they have helped me become. They shape all aspects of my living and thinking. If horses are boring, this blog is not for you.

I reject fast fashion and our culture of disposable convenience, which has manifested as a general reluctance to buy things I can make for myself.  I don’t buy clothes, except for socks.  At all.  I also don’t buy riding gear, like saddle pads, fly bonnets, and ice boots. This year, I have plans to tackle bespoke breeches and I’ll overshare all I can about that learning curve. Care to join me in the journey?  I’m also refurbishing an old two-horse trailer, creating my dream of a self-contained horse camping setup that can go anywhere, anytime. If you stick around, you’ll learn along with me about decidedly non-textile-y things like paint stripping, suspension replacement, and trailer axles.

I recently finished a Ph.D. in the environmental history of early modern England.  Specifically, I study how interactions with horses influenced men’s character and political authority under the Stuart kings of England, between 1603-1685.  Beyond the fact that we have more to understand about the social and cultural impact of horsemanship in seventeenth-century England, I’ll argue that similar conceptions of the relationship between horsemanship, character, and leadership periodically rear their heads in American political culture today. These cultural descendants and their modern meanings are fascinating to explore.