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Building Breeches: Finding Functional Fabrics

I spend a lot of my time in breeches. When they fit poorly enough to make that time uncomfortable, I get cranky.  Uncomfortable Barn Time is unacceptable.  (Well, in reality I’ll accept it if the alternative is No Barn Time but it makes me cranky.) I know the right answer when RTW clothes don’t fit: make… Continue reading Building Breeches: Finding Functional Fabrics

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Let’s Build Bespoke Breeches!

Call me crazy but I have this idea. This idea is that ready-to-wear (RTW) clothes will never fit me. I have good evidence supporting this hypothesis; evidence beyond the entire lived experience of my adult years. I have numbers. You see, I’m very long-waisted and notably square-shouldered. I make routine pattern alterations before any testing… Continue reading Let’s Build Bespoke Breeches!